When will Indian politicians become Role Models?

At the backdrop of a washout of the monsoon session of the Indian parliament, it’s very disturbing and hence relevant to ask, when will the politicians of our country become true role models for all of us?
In the past year or so we have seen several top guys in politics giving sound bytes with utter nonsense and disregard to human life, women’s modesty and our very essence of secular pride.
When my daughter gets ready for school each morning and asks for a piece of news she can share with her classmates, I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to give her except going into the science and technology section.
When we were growing up my father would insist that we read the newspaper thoroughly every day and then he would hold a general knowledge quiz every evening. This is how he inculcated an interest in us to be aware of what’s happening around us and to participate in intelligent dinner table discussions.
What we are seeing today is not lack of interest to read the papers because of the blooming internet but a lack of interest because we as parents don’t push our kids too much since the news is full of morbid stuff spoken or conducted by the people who run our country.
Shahid Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhai Patel , Sarojini Naidu to name a few have been our role models in the true sense. Not because they bravely fought for our independence but also because they were responsible citizens who taught us virtues and positive qualities in the most natural way. Our New Age politicians only serve the nation for their personal gains. I can’t think of even one who serves selflessly and someone we can admire.
And the wife’s of the politicians, well its high time they came out of hiding and became role models for women at large. Michelle Obama has been one of the most forthcoming first ladies of our times. Her campaigns including the one to fight obesity in America have been a rage and an inspiration to so many men, women and children. People look up to her and imbibe every word spoken by her.
Have you ever heard a single word of negativity or silence from Obama on any issue that needs his intervention? I remember his brilliant eulogy post the Cherleston shooting . How many of our politicians would conduct themselves so gracefully and create such an emotional connect. President Hollande of France took time off from his busy schedule to award the very prestigious Legion of Honour to the 4 brave men who caught a suspected armed terrorist in a moving train. And what has the top leadership in our country done for the 2 brave men from a village in Udhampur who nabbed Naved alive.
Mr and Ms Politician, a role model is a person who serves as an example of the values, attitudes, and behaviours associated with a role. Step forward and show us that India can create marvellous role models we can remember for a long time. Give the children a legacy they can be proud of and narrate stories to their grandchildren of how the people in power made us proud.
Let’s look forward to a harbinger of good times ahead.